Why are we fundraising for Personal Protective Equipment?

Personal protective equipment is vital in the fight against Coronavirus. This includes masks, gloves, suits, and googles.  They are required by healthcare workers (HCWs) to protect themselves while diagnosing and treating Coronavirus patients.


The virus is spread via droplet spread and can be passed on through the air via coughing and sneezing. This equipment offers protection against these droplets when staff are close to patients carrying out patient care and treatment.

Why Ghana?

As doctors and healthcare professional we all have a affinity to Ghana as either Ghanaian citizens or diaspora.

We have had discussions, emails and phone calls with colleagues within Ghana, and know that many institutions around Ghana have not been supplied with any new PPE equipment in the wake of an ever increasing CoViD19 epidemic. 

HCW are at the brink of revolt as already many institutions have run out of PPE before the crisis has already begun!

But are the Ghanaian Governmentnot supplying PPE?

They are, however only $100million dollars have been set out by the Government for the entire Coronavirus effort  which includes everything from security, social support and healthcare.  Even the WHO have only been able to send out 500K masks to the 47 African countries it supports - effectively equating to only 10K masks per country! 

The Ghanaian government reports to be supplying PPE to Ghana hospitals in the week of the 30 March 2020, to the tune of approximately 350K masks and gloves will be available over the coming weeks with no official date to delivery in a country of almost 30 million people. 

Where are you getting the PPE from? 

We have a direct link to a large factory in China that has been dealing with some of our group coordinating procurement for private hospitals and organizations. 

China have been declared virus-free and has been asked by the WHO to increase its production to help the rest of the world. 

We have a provisionally secured a price based on a order of around £100,000. 

How much are we hoping to buy? 

For £100,000 we are hoping to buy around 50,000 masks, suits and gloves as PPE. 

This effectively works out as £2 per suit including shipping and handling costs to Ghana

We would also like to buy goggles and facemasks, however, in order to guarantee this we require much more!

Who is going to be given it?

We are working with our key partner, the Ghanaian Association of Doctors in Residency and their CoViD19 response group to identify the most disadvantaged and in need institutions that will require our help.